Jordan – you can travel   from  pistachio forests to  dusty plains, from vast desert  to dramatic Rocky Mountains, and on to relaxing beach resorts. Float in the most buoyant body of water on the planet; visit Bedouin camps and learnt about their customs; wonder through Roman ruins; scuba dived with a turtle in the Red Sea Aqaba; Try our Food and weight in mezze and learnt to make them ourselves; Camel Ride, galloped through the Wadi Rum desert on horseback,  Jeep tour 4 x 4 . Climbing  and Trekking; and hiked through the remains of a 20 centuries old rose colored city carved into the mountains.

Jordan is a small country made even more easily explored as 90 % of the country is desert and most sights are within the populated 70km strip of land that runs down the western edge of the country. With your own car and driver you will be able to cover a lot in a short amount of time – Visit. You will got a taste of Jordan — enough to know that we’ll definitely be back and recommend this country to your friends and their Families. There are so many to choose from but here are some of the highlights in Jordan attached for you .


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