We take you to one of Indonesia’s most beautiful islands, Flores. Komodo, habitat of giant monitor lizard, is part of the island christened by Portuguese as Cape of Flowers. Rugged, mountainous and wild is its very features, and people who have long settled here are proud with their time wise culture and custom in spite of Christianity. Mother Nature blesses the island with great vistas. It is indeed beautiful and exotic.

We ensure that your choice for an adventure holiday in Flores is worth your time and budget. For us, serving fellow human beings to enjoy Mother Nature’s blessings to the island is a devotional act. So, beside well planned programs and arrangements, you are certainly under the good care of wholehearted guides and drivers.

Our programs are range from 3 days to 9 days. Kindly drop us emails of queries or request of programs. Find what is in 6 DAYS EXOTIC INTERIOR FLORES or 4 DAYS EXOTIC COLORS & CULTURE OF FLORES with very “amiable” costs.


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Flores – Indonesia

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