Águia Amazonas Turismo ,is one of the business,that run and operate in Regional Boats Cruise Hotel and Yacht Cruise through the Amazon rivers ,helping the natives families,showing how to preserve the Mighty Rain Forest,Rivers,fish,animals and birds. In places to do Jungle walks,we take one or two of the natives to guide the clients  into the Forest,showing  the Eco system and all kind of plants (herbs),that is used today ,since the Portuguese came in the Amazonas.Today as Águia Amazonas Turismo is offering Jobs,there is more improvement  to save the Rain Forest.

01: About the Regional Boat and Yacht Cruises

In the Regional Boat Cruise Hotel,(sleeping in hammocks and mosquito nets),there is a school gaven to clients,of many ideas how to preserve the Rain Forest,in places where we stop to spend the nights,we don´t use the generators,only for necessary things.This concern with the Yacht Cruise,(in cabins),this use a generator,but we don´t stop close to the Land side,because of the animals.All materials that are use in the Boat (like Cans,Plastic,Papers and bottles are brought to Manaus.

02: Rivers that are visited.

The Rio Solimões and Amazon are rich in land,less Forest ,fish,more mosquitos and nativie families,”why” is because the river is neuturant .The Rio Negro is not much rich,less fish,less nativies,less mosquitos,but more Forest.So that is why the Águia Amazonas Turismo take their clients to visit the Rio Negro.But have the first experience in the Rio Solimões then Rio Negro.

03: Collaborations and donations.

Águia Amazonas Turismo has been receiving groups of clients and individuals on their overnight tours packages in Regional Boat and Yacht,with their donation help,with some books,pencils,clothes and medicines for some comunities and native families along the Rio Negro.

Águia Amazonas Turismo is prepared to receive visitors,to show what is happening in the Amazonia Brazil,as the State Amazonas has been 90 % preserve.Help us to preserve the Rain Forest.

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Amazon Regional Boat and Yacht Cruise 3 or 4 days




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