Aladja monastery is one of the most famous monasteries on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It has been existed since XIII – XIV century. It is located 17 km northeast of Varna. It belongs to large group of natural caves. The real Christian name of the monastery is still unknown. It is assumed that the name – “Aladja” comes from the time of Ottoman rule. The monastery stops its actual work after the fall of Bulgarian kingdom under the Ottoman rule in XIV century. However local people continued to worship and  visit the place during the slavery. “Aladja” translated from Arabic-Persian means colorful. The name probably is provoked because of the frescoes survived at the time in the chapel.

The Aladja monastery has two levels. There are a church and monastery cells on the first level. A large natural rock niche is placed on the second level. It has a small chapel which is reached by a wooden staircase from the ground floor. There are the best-preserved medieval frescoes in the monastery. The original works are in so good condition because they are hard to reach. The access is pretty difficult and most people just give up the idea. Together with another monastery called “Catacombs”, both monasteries make a large complex. You can visit a museum there as well. There are lots of icons and church supplies you can see in the museum.

Written information about this monastery and the others from the whole complex are not found. There are only legends of ghosts and forest gods wandering among the ruins. This beautiful and mysterious place is full of endless underground mazes with hiding untold treasures. Do not miss the chance to visit such an extraordinary place. You'll be amazed of this secret beauty and never unbroken silence.