Tourism has become one of the major past times in our world over the past one hundred years. As technology makes peoples lives easier, they gain more free time to do the things and see the places they always wanted to. One thing that usually ties peoples tourist destinations together is a desire to go somewhere nicer and more comfortable than the place they live. This is one of the reasons that Alanya has become such a tourist hot spot over the past sixty years. Located right on the Mediterranean Sea, Alanya has a perfect climate. The temperature never reaches a point of freezing, but is also not ever too hot to handle. Due to its proximity with the nearby mountains, there is never a time of year that you cannot see snow. This makes it a perfect stop for people who will want to be on the beaches and the ski slopes for their vacation. The tourism in Alanya started in 1958 with people wanting to visit the famous Damatlas cave. This interesting cave complex is so well known due to its unique microclimate. It is always the same temperature and humidity, no matter what time of the year it is. Of course, once people started visiting for the cave, they started to see the greater beauty of the city. Alanya has not only a wonderful climate and great natural beauty, but an amazing and storied history as well. This ancient story is told through its multitude of great historical sites and museums. Some of the museum sites themselves are buildings that are one thousand years old. There is much to its history because archaeologists have found evidence of settlements in Alanya dating back twenty thousand years! Apparently, even the ancients knew about the wonders of such a location. Besides the museums, there are other attractions as well. The largest water park in Europe is there, as is the perfect areas for good hunting. No matter whether you want to surf, ski, hunt, swim, or just take in the wonders of the city, there is a place for you in the great city of Alanya.