Alaska is located in one of the coldest places on the planet Earth. The state places first by territory in the United States of America.
 There are quite interesting facts about Alaska. To begin with, there is no official language. However, the most spoken language tends to be English. If you are planning to visit Alaska you should better go and see the capital – Juneau or maybe the largest city – Anchorage. The population of the whole territory ranges from 700, 000 to 800, 000 people. In addition, the highest point in Alaska is Mount McKinley (6194 m), while the lowest point is as the Ocean sea level.
 While you are in Alaska you will have the opportunity to observe a various kinds of animals. The berserk grizzly bear who waits patiently in the river to catch fish to the air where an eagle circles around its next victim. If you encounter one of these animals which are quite common in Alaska you will definitely increase your adrenaline for a long period of time!
 If you are a tourist, the best tourist attraction is believed to be Augustine Volcano. The volcano last erupted in 2006 and it’s still thought to be dangerous for people. I wise choice is to visit the highest place in Alaska and in the whole country – Barrow, famous for quite some time as “Top of the world”.
 As I mentioned in the beginning, Alaska is one of the coldest places everywhere. Even the summers never get warm enough. The record for the lowest temperature is hold during 1971, when the temperatures reached minus 62° C.
Alaska has enormous resources of energy. Oil and gas can be found on particular places. The state is ranked second in the United States of oil productivity.
 Finally, if you are ever planning to visit Alaska you should better bring some warm clothes with you and most essential a camera to catch all these fantastic wild animals which can be seen everywhere at any time. If you are amateur there are a lot of places to be visited and much more to be explored. This is great choice if you are an adventurer.