Give another dimension to your event and celebration with Bliss!
COMFORT AND EXPERTISE of a professional event designer. Based in Switzerland we help our Swiss and International  guest  to organize their party in the country or Abroad .
Behind Bliss?
My name is Lucie Pilliard owner of Bliss Agency. I worked in the international luxury hotel industry for nearly 12 years, including as head of customer relations in a palace. I have also been organizing events in large companies. My passion and desire for independence then pushed me to create my own company.
The advantages of Bliss
Through these experiences, I have gained a real sensitivity necessary to understand the different personalities, expectations and requirements for orchestration of public and private events.
The event planner then provides true serenity in this whirlwind of preparations.
Energetic, I always apply to anticipate demand. Cheerful, I always try to make constructive exchanges with smile and good spirit too!

Bliss Benefits
Every event is different. Together, with our customers, we create a unique moment that reflects your personality while cultivating their differences. We offer an evolutionary process suited to your needs and your personality:
/ A counselling service,
/ Coordination of the day
/ Partial or complete organization
Depending on the need, we decide the most appropriate formulas. In all cases, your day is orchestrated with discretion, refinement, style and originality.
A day at their image, intense, a true blast!
Can we help achieving by leveraging our expertise to advise, plan and organize. We do not impose but rather suggest. Our costumers remain in control of their project.

Bliss Event & Wedding designer
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Photography by EMMA GODFREY