Old Bulgarian fortress Bozhenski Urvich is situated on a mount with the shape of a truncated cone with almost vertical slopes from three sides. The fortress is accessible from north, from the village of Bojenitsa. Archaeological studies have found that the site was inhabited as early as prehistoric times, but the first fortifications date from V-VI century. Its peak was during the XIII-XIV century, when the external wall was built. The fortress Bozhenсki Urvich is famous for its rock inscription of sebast Ognyan associated with the last days of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom: "I Dragomir wrote. I was sebast Ognyan to Tsar Shishman boyar and endured lot of evil. At this time the Turks fought. I took care of faith of the Tsar Shishman ". In – interests are 10 meters deep water cisterns and а rock church. The walls are partially restored. Bojenitsa Village is located 12 km northeast from Botevgrad. An asphalt road leads to the foothills of the fortress. Afterwards it can be reached in 30 minutes walking through the forest . Bozhenichki Urvich is a symbol of the Bulgarian spirit and Bulgarian resistance against the Ottomans, and deserves the attention of those who love history.