Brazil is the largest country in Latin America, the fifth in the world. It is situated in the Central and East parts of South America. Visiting Brazil is one adventure, that every traveler needs to do.

            First thing you have to see in Brazil, is the Statue of Cristo Redentor . It is situated on the Corcovado Hill. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, it is build for the 100th anniversary of  the Brazilian Independence . The view you can see from the Corcoavdo Hill is amazing and has to be seen from every tourist.

The next thing you have to see in Brazil is Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida. This Cathedral is built in modern style, there is no equivalent anywhere in the world. It looks like two hands, trying to reach the sky. The Cathedral is one of the UNESCO's Word Cultural heritage list. Almost all the walls are made by glass, except the 16 concrete pillars, that make it look like hands, pointing the sky.

            São Paulo  is the biggest and the richest city in Brazil. The town is modern metropolis with busy life, but you have to be sure you can relax there. Between the skyscrapers  are you can see green parks, where you can sit and enjoy the sun. Praça da Lus  is one of the most beautiful gardens in São Paulo. There are palm trees, amazing sculptures and street musicians everywhere.

            Salvador de Bahia is known like the Brazilian Capital of the happiness. The people who live there are not ashamed to make parties and carnivals on the streets. You can see different food, music and culture. The most wanted destination for the tourists is Farol da Barra Beach, one of the many beaches around the city.   There are four amazing parks in Salvador de Bahia – Jardim Dos Namorados Park, Costa Azul Park, Park of the City and Park of Pituaco. In the old part of the town you can see Pelourinho. This is historical place, where you will be able see buildings from 17th and 18th Century around the town square.

If you need romantic place where to watch the sunset and hold your lovers hand, Jericoacoara  is where you need to go. The small tourist village is where turtles are laying their eggs for Centuries.  The city is saved its own style, 20 Years ago there were no lights or water there. Today you can have every modern accommodation you want, but still you can  not see a single light on the streets in the night. The most popular way to walk around the city is by foot, using the sand streets or lay down on the gray sand and watch the sunset.

Brazil is a large country. And the only way you can feel the charm of it is to go and see the magic yourself.