Bodrum is a city in southwestern Turkey. The city is an important tourist and yachting center. The architecture of the city is very interesting. Each building is white and has maximum three floors. While you’re in Bodrum you can visit The Bodrum Castle of The Knights of St.John.
The construction of the castle began in 1402. Workers were guaranteed a place in Heaven by papal decree of 1409.They used materials from the nearby mausoleum (part of ancient seven wonder of the world) – green volcanic stones, marble columns and reliefs. Under the castle were excavated fourteen cisterns to collect rain water.
The castle got five towers for each tongue (geographic-cultural subgroupings of the members of the Knights of Rhodes). The towers are known as the English tower(Lion tower), the Italian tower, the German tower, the French tower and the Snake tower. Each tower got different style and was responsible for maintenance and defense of different region. The French tower was build first. The gates who were leading to the inner part of the fortress were seven. The passages leading to gates were full of twists and turns (idea of the architect). That’s how it was hard for the assailants to find cover against the coming arrows and stones.
Around 1494 knights decided to fortify the castle. They thickened the walls that were facing the mainland. They did that because of the growing power of cannons. The walls facing the sea were less thick because knights had a powerful fleet. A round bastion was built to strengthen the land side of the fortress.
Captured in 1522 by the Ottomans, the church of the castle was converted into a mosque. A minaret was added. This mosque was called the Süleymaniye Camii. The minaret was destroyed in 1915.In 1997 was made an reconstruction of the mosque and now it reveals it’s original shape.
 The castle dimensions are 180×185 m an it has square-like plan. Now it houses Museum of underwater archeology. The towers of the castle are converted into halls of the museum.
This is the favourite place in Bodrum. It’s like a trip from present to history.