Strumica is the largest city in eastern Macedonia. It’s near the Bulgarian border. The name Strumica comes from the river that runs through the city.
Above it, on a hill, stands Czar’s Towers (Carevi kuli) fortress overlooking Strumica. The Czar’s Towers (Carevi kuli) are the remains of the medieval fortress from 11th – 12th century. They were extended between 12th and 14th century.  Within the fortress, there used to be a central tower used as a command centre. North of this tower there’s a rectangular, few meters deep room that was used to store wine, wheat and water. Strumica castle was razed because of the attempt of Bulgarians and other Slavic nations to rise up against Constantinopole. After that it was abandoned.

Nowadays there’s not much left from that fortress. The only visible ruins are from the “Pirg Tower”. That was the tower of the commander. The floor of the tower was a water tank. It was filled by rainwater. The shape of the tower is hexagonal, but first it was rectangular.

Another thing you can see is the remains of the West entrance gate and the other water tank in the middle of the fortress.

Remains of protective walls surrounds the fortress that is 100 square meters and is oriented east-west. It is 445 meters above sea level.

In 2009 artefacts dating to the 4th century BC were found by Macedonian archaeologists.

The artefacts included coins with the image of the father of Alexander the Great Philip II of Macedon, amphorae, vessels, cups, jewellery, fragments from vases, ceramics and figurines.That is a proof that these lands were very good place to live. The hill was something like settlement and then it became fortress because of the wars.

You can reach the towers with a car via an asphalt road or climb uphill to the top.