Dubai is a beautiful city in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), where you can have fun as a tourist. It has the second-largest territory of all the emirates, after Abu Dhabi and the largest population in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is known all over the world with its sands and sun, the excellent malls. In the past Dubai was a town, built by village houses. People used to live there quietly- just a town with a normal life.

Today you can not recognize the peaceful town. All the skyscrapers and modern buildings are staying proudly between the mosques. Dubai is a modern city. There are hotels and beaches, . Artificial islands with 120km of beach sands are made in the water.

Dubai is the most wanted destination for tourists all over the world. It is a magical place, where everyone wants to go. The strange culture, mixed with the miracle buildings are making a vacation there the most powerful adventure, that no one forgets.

The weather is hot and dry. The charm of the desert and the amazing beaches and sand, mixed with the modern Arab culture, are something that has to be seen. You can have all the pleasures you want, and see all the buildings you'll never see anywhere else.

Everything in Dubai is new. The city is growing with a tremendous speed and nothing can stop it. Here you can see 700m of a Dubai Tower, the first hotel, built under the water and the amazing attraction “The world” – 250 islands, made by a human hand, in the shape of the globe.

In Dubai you can see  Burj Al Arab Hotel – the highest hotel in the world, built with a shape of a boat. You can go skying in the winter center of Dubai( yes, that's not a joke!). You can shop in the Mall of the Emirates. You can do whatever you want.

The city is big. Because of the weather, you will have to use taxi or bus to go where you want. The weather is too hot for a walk, but you can go skying so close to the desert! If you love walking, you can visit the Creek – that a  stretch of water crossing the city. Don't worry about the language – 80% of the people in Dubai are foreigners from everywhere in the world – Europe, North America, The Middle and the Far East. Dubai is not just a town, it's a metropolis.

If you decide to go to Dubai, do not bring a lot of luggage with you. You can use your summer dresses during the whole year. A sweater or jacket can be useful in the winter nights, but that is all you need. In Dubai people are liberal about the dresses you wear. But, still, don't forget where you are. Do not wear something that shows more of your body, than hides it. It can be insulting for the culture of Dubai. If you are by the pool, you can wear your swimsuit without any problems. Because of the weather, sunglasses and a hat will be your best friends when you are out.