Avatar Egypt is located in Cairo Egypt. Company is one of the biggest Egyptian tour operators specializing in individual  and group trips to Egypt and all over the World. They offer more then fifty packages to choose from.  Avatar Egypt  trips offer the tourist choices, flexible pacing, interesting itineraries,  good quality and  value. Company suggest a lot of diversity of programs which are supposed to  fulfill all tourists wishes  and desires, starting with special holiday packages  passing by classical trips, luxury trips and oases and safari trips, holy land and religious trips,  ending with special events programs  and  Red sea  shore excursion trips and others.  Avatar Egypt is dedicated to provide tourists the experience of a lifetime one filled with comfort, luxury, excitement and great memories.    Company  programs are designed and operated to meet all tourists  needs and to be suitable for all budgets and  categories.  Avatar Egypt invite tourists to discover the magic of Egypt that makes everything possible. Company experts are offering a tailor-made itineraries as well as custom-designed programs to suite the tourist's requirements.   They ensure each of their guest receives personal attention.  Avatar Egypt is ready to help in any promotion of this ancient country and is dedicated to help tourism in which is a successful and expanding travel destination. Together to achieve success combined with clients satisfaction.

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7 day Mythological Honey Moon

7 days Alexander the great tour package

7 days Egypt brief package

7 days Egypt Horus tour package

7 Days Egypt Pharaohs Legendary Holiday

8 days Hurghada Egypt all inclusive package

8 days wonders of Egypt


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