Even in winter you will have a lot of sunny Hiking or Cycling days – Portugal is definitely the country with the best climate all year long in Europe!!!

The golden west coast in Portugal is turning into one of the most attractive places to go in the last few years, still very wild, with little impact from civilization, you will find the most amazing beaches, little fisherman and agricultural local villages. With the most amazing sunsets in Europe all the way the down to the most southwestern point in Europe, the cape of Saint Vincent, giving the name of Vicentine Coast to this Natural Park. You can enjoy the ride of a life time in a Mountain Bike tour, or in Hybrid bike tour, and obviously Hike along the cliffs through the fisherman’s trails most of them with very little access, a true privilege for those daring the adventure.

On a self-guided tour, you will be on your own after we give you all your gear, excellent bikes, your own GPS and maps, and a cell-phone in case you need anything 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will give you a detailed briefing containing basic information about the country, on how to get along your ride or hike, and to ensure that you feel supported no matter what type of tour you choose. And or a tailor made tour where basically everything is designed to meet all your demands: the sky is the limit, we know basically every single road, mountain, beach, city, village in the country, and we are so passionate about our country that is our mission to provide you the adventure of a life time.


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