Traveling the country of Israel is more than just another visit or vacation trip any where else in the world! It is a duty to us and our past. Till now it was beyond imagination for you to travel as a Christian and actually walking in Jerusalem or the Galilee, following the steps of Jesus; How moving it is to stand on the same stones that Jesus was walking; visiting the biblical archeological sites will take you back in time to Jesus Christ living here. On this Pilgrimage, we will unfold all the mysteries within the Bible by visiting Christian churches and shrines locating on the ground that Jesus himself was present. In Israel we offer to exciting group tours that not only offer the best of the holy lands sights but incorporate touring of the neighbouring Arabian lands. The nation is fascinating and beautiful, rich in culture, steeped in history and home to some of the world's most revered holy sites, at the cornerstone of the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths. When designing our group tours we look for opportunities for our travellers to meet local people and learn about their traditions and customs. We walk the colourful bazaars and winding alleys and take respite in street side coffee shops and cafes, chatting and often sharing a glass of mint tea with those we meet. We believe the best way to experience a country is through the eyes of the local people and therefore when touring in Israel all our tours are lead by a qualified Israeli tour guide. If you are looking for your own private holiday to Israel, our specialist tailor-made team are expert in planning holidays bespoke to your individual requirements.


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