King Dawit Tours Ethiopia is one of the pioneer tour service providers based in a beautiful & lush Ethiopia since 2009 through our courteous and capable tour experts. Safety and comfort are priority at our professional service. Our culinary chef, to suit every pallet and create comfort during camping trips.

Our services range from the nature to the historic, adventure to wild travel spirit and individual to group packages.

Ethiopia has a wide range of tourist attractions that enables you to take the opportunity to visit all the Ethiopia’s wonder nature, culture and history in just a single journey.

Ethiopia is the original home of human kind, the 1974 discovered of Lucy, locally called “Dinkinesh” means you are especial and best, asserts this concrete truth.

Ethiopia is one of the countries that can register 9 world heritage sites under UNESCO; this will let the prior tourist destination in Africa.

However, the most important recognition is from our customers who return year after year and also recommend our service to friends and family.



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