Kotor is one of the most beautiful towns in Montenegro. The city is one of the main and most popular tourist destinations in the country. The main attraction for tourists is the old part of the town, made by buildings and monuments in medieval style. Because of its beauty and architectural glory the town is one of the UNESCO's World Natural and Historical Heritage Site .

Montenegro is an amazing country with beautiful nature. There are 40 different lakes on its territory, many beaches and amazing crystal clear water. In all the Montenegro you can enjoy the site of glorious mountains, waterfalls, green meadows and scenic landscapes that can make you hold your breath.

Kotor is a beautiful town, saved in its original old style, in the North-East part of Montenegro. It is placed on the edge of the Adriatic Sea.

It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. The people of Montenegro is trying to save Kotor's beauty and historical value. Many of its architectural and cultural monuments and buildings are made in the Middle Ages. The beautiful nature and the town buildings, made by human hand, are making Kotor a beautiful place that has to be seen.

Maybe the most amazing thing you can see in  Kotor is the big fortress wall that makes circle around the town. It is made by the Venetians, and  all the architecture of the city can prove their influence. 

You have to pay special attention to St.Ivan castle. It is placed on a hill, and if you want to go there, you have to climb 1350 stairs, made of stone. But once you go there, you'll see it is worth the efforts. The view you can see is something you'll never forget – the whole town is under you.

Don't forget to visit the Maritime Museum where you can know more of the see-travel traditions in Kotor.

For you as a tourist in Kotor will be good to see also The Saint Tryphon Cathedral, the Watch Tower  and many others. In the town center you can find many restaurants, shops and hotels, where you can relax and enjoy the city of Kotor.