The Licensed Tourist Guide is a person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area, which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognized by the appropriate authority.

Even if Milan is known just as an economical and financial city, or recognized thanks to fashion, is full of monuments and buildings that tell about its long history. Not so far of Milan, there is the City of Monza with its medieval center, the Royal Villa and the famous race track used during F1 Grand-Prix.

Some examples of tours in Milan:

    the "must-sees" of the city

        The Cathedral of Milan, the heart of the city

        The Sforza Castle with its museum and parks

        Brera art gallery (Mantegna, Raffaello, Bramante, Caravaggio masterpieces of art)

        The La Scala Theatre and its museum

        The Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery

    the lesser known sites

        The Renaissance tour by visiting Bramante's churches (Santa Maria presso San Satiro, Santa Maria delle Grazie) and the ex major female monastery of Milan (Church of San Maurizio), a double church all frescoed by artists like Bernardino Luini and his sons and other Lombardy painters

        San Lorenzo and Sant'Eustorgio churches

        The Branca Tower in Sempione park (h 108m) to see Milan from the top and other architectures in the park like the Arch of Peace, the bridge of the Mermaids, the acquarium of Milan

        The Royal Villa of Milan ( modern art gallery) and its English gardens

        The monumental cemetery of Milan, a open-aired museum (burials of very famous people of Milan as Alessandro Manzoni, Toscanini, Campari, Ascari)

        San Siro Stadium and the statue of the big horse of Leonardo in the old race-course

        Poldi Pezzoli house and museum

        A tour realized using public transports (examples metro – tram) to discover particular places in Milan examples (Giuseppe Verdi's burial, the church of San Bernardino alle Ossa with a chapel all covered with bones and skulls), Navigli (Canals) with the little street used by washerwomen

        Historical shops and groceries

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