Lux & Fun Spain, S.A. is an registered Travel Agency which develop a “concierge” service based on:


                2º-Efficiency and  a constant support system for all our clients so that on their return home they feel fully satisfied.

                3º-Personalized treatment

To answer to this company "philosophy", we contacted the best and finest service providers in Spain and we reached agreements with them which ensure that the customer will receive the most exclusive and elitist treatment.

Every visit is “customized” to the client’s taste and then our main duty is to control and supervise that the services are running as contracted. Please, check our web-site:

There aren’t trip programs in our Agency, we create “experiences” and among our strengths are: Ibiza (,  Lux & Villas ( ), the enology in Lux & Wine ( ), our unique football events ( ), Lux & kids take care of you children meanwhile you enjoy ( ), Lux & Hunting, Lux & Golf, Lux & Real State…

From now on, Lux & Fun Spain Concierge VIP Travel Agency keeps at your disposal to anything you’d need from our unique country.