Natural landmark Ritlite is situated on 123 hectares on the left side of the Iskar river and above Lyutibrod village. Ritlite consists of 4 parallel, vertical, rock walls and underneath there is a railway line. The name of the landmark comes from the similarity of the oxcart’s sidewalls. Over the Rocks there are visible remains of the old fortress walls. To the east from the rocks was situated a village Koritgrad, native people called the village Koritengrad. In the area of Koritengrad was found the remains of 9 Bulgarian medieval churches including early christian basilica from V – VI century. The best preserved of them is the church "St. George" dating back to X – XII century. Koritengrad is not existed since the seventeenth century to now, and a part of inhabitants, who are displaced in different directions, they founded village – Lyutibrod. Lyutibrod Village is situated next to Ritlite, 10 km from Mezdra and 16 km from Vratsa. 2 km south of the village is Cherepish monastery "Assumption of Mary ". 28 km from Lyutibrod is another monastery – Osenovlashki Monastery "Virgin Mary", better known as "Seven Thrones".