Negarit Tours Ethiopia is a private company established by an Ethiopian owner in 2010. It is pleased to participate in the hospitality industry of the country with full of skilled, flexible, open-mended and very devoted energetic youngsters.
Ethiopia is located in the horn of Africa, and situated between -125 and 4620m above sea level. The country is endowed with three in one destination, which are historical, cultural and natural sites. If we see the historical background of the country trace back 3000 years based on written documents and majority reserved in the Northern route of the country, which are the olden city of Axum, the 1st century capital of the
country and one of the 12th century wonder Lalibela, the place where the 14th century churches of Lake Tana Islands, and the 17th century capital Gondar. Moreover, Tiya and Harar are also classified as world historical heritages. On the other hand, the Southern part of the country gifted with diversity of culture especially, the Omothic tribes are still keep their virgin culture. And the Natural attractions like several
parks and sanctuaries which boast abundant fauna and flora. Furthermore, the scenic view different Lakes and the Denakil Depression, which is volcanic cones are common sights, as are deep cracks in the earth.
The company offers best services for those wishing to visit Ethiopia and provides like;
Ø  Package tour for (Individual, Business, Group, Honey moon, Holiday)
Ø  Tour to Danakil Depression
Ø  Special tours (Safari tour, Boat rafting, Horse riding, Bird watching, Bicycle tour, Photography tour, Camel Caravan tour)
Ø  Luxury, Deluxe and Budget car hiring
Ø  Hotel reservation and flight ticket booking
Ø  Transfer and multilingual guide service
Ø  Conference/ Meeting arrangement, etc in our country Ethiopia.
Ø  And anything else you can dream of!

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