Panama is fast becoming the top spot in Central America, with its modern city sky line to the soon to be completed metro system, the city is as vibrant as ever. Steeped in history from its discovery and the discovery of the Pacific ocean 500 years ago, through 150 years of tales about gold and pirates to the railway and of course, the Panama Canal, Panama is stil making history! The NEW locks are under construction, it has become a destination for movie makers adventure seekers and people looking for a place to retire. In 2012 Panama was voted the top place to visit by the N.Y. Times.
BarefootPanama Tours is a tour company that can help you explore all that this country has to offer, from a transit of the Panama Canal to a cross country trip exploring those hard to reach places. Start your trip with our top ranked city tour to hear all about the history and get the latest and greatest updates of our up coming events. We offer more than 1 trip into the jungle to explore Lake Gatun (once the largest man made lake in the world and an important part of the Panama Canal) this area is one of the best for spotting wild life. For or a cultural experience join us as we continue to support a REAL indian village. BarefootPanama has many different options for exploring the most diverse country in the world. Snorkel in the Caribbean, zip line through the jungle, island hop in the Pacific.. all done in a day from Panama City! If you have a little more time and like to explore, join us on our cross country trip and check out the ‘poor man’s Galapagos’ and many other of Panama’s hidden gems.
With over 12 years of running tours in Panama, no one knows it like we do and we proudly offer the ‘Servicio Americano’ that you deserve. For more information, please visit our web site ( or contact

Barefoot Panama Tours was started over five years ago. Kevin had traveled through forty countries and led tours in fifteen of them (from  Alaska to Argentina) and then finally settled here, in Panama. Panama is much more than the Panama Canal! Panama City offers a modern metropolis steeped in history and other that a few places like Boquete  and Bocas, Panama is relatively untouched. BarefootPanama is a unique company in Panama offering ‘Servicio Americano’ and with us you can explore the most diverse country in the world! Barefoot offers overnight adventures,  day trips and we are the only company offering a cross country week long tour.