The Mediterranean resort Side, located on a narrow Antalyan peninsular, remembers powerful rulers and mighty kingdoms that had existed long before the Turks conquered the area. According to the Greek mythology, the town has taken its name after Side, the goddess of Nature and Abundance, whose symbol is the pomegranate tree that thrives in the area.

According to the Greek historians Strabo and Arrian, the city was founded in the 7th century B.C. by Greek settlers. The town soon flourished because of its comfortable port and favourable geographic location and in a while became one of the largest trade centres in Pamphylia. In 333 BC Alexander the Great occupied the town and brought the Hellenistic culture there. After his death, Side changed a lot of rulers, including the Cilician pirates, but managed to preserve its autonomy and kept flourishing.

                Today Side is one of the most popular destinations at the Turkish Mediterranean coast. It is located only 75 kilometres away from Antalya and attracts a lot of tourists with its calm atmosphere and the sense of all the past cultures that have influenced the area. The long sand beaches are not too crowded and can provide you with a sunbathing experience rare even for Turkey – a country known for its fabulous beaches.  Of course, as a modern resort, Side offers all kinds of entertainment – jet-ski, paragliding, diving and every other water sport possible.

                Side will provide you with a lot of opportunities to spend your time. Of course, it offers the same as many other resorts – sunbathing, sightseeing and nightlife, but it also provides you with the opportunity to undertake different activities in the area. Those who love archaeology and adore the ancient ruins may visit the waterside Temple of Apollo or the preserved Roman Theatre, which is still used for magnificent performances. However, there are some other activities that you may find quite attractive.

                For example, Side is a popular golf destination, designed to provide you with the ultimate golf experience. The world-class grounds and the professional courses, developed to fit every visitor’s needs, will help you rest actively and practice your favourite sport undisturbedly. Moreover, the golf season starts in October and the climate of Side allows you to play golf in your short-sleeve T-shirts in the winter! There are various golf clubs and resorts with different plans and offers to match every taste.

                Just behind Side in direction opposite to the sea is the Taurus Mountain, where you can undertake mountaineering. The peaks of the mountain vary in height – from 600 to 3086 metres and the features of the region offers various climbing options. The most significant peaks are Kizlar Sivrisi, Tahtalidag, Alabelen, Bakirli Dag and Tekedorugu and the climbs usually take one day to perform.

                Another possible way to spend your time is rafting and Side offers you one of the best rafting opportunities – the Koprulu Canyon. If you prefer diving, the Antalyan coastline has a lot to offer (the town was the main base of the Cilician pirates and the wrecks are not a rare sight). For those who prefer to stay on the ground, the Sorgun Forests will provide you with give you the chance to try horse riding, and you can also try skiing in the Beydag Mountain. There are also many other activities and sports like Fishing, Tennis, Sailing and Surfing, so you will surely spend some magnificent time. All these opportunities and features of the Turkish resort Side guarantee that choosing it as your holiday destination will certainly prove to be a wise decision.