My name is Demetra Fanetti and I'm a tourist guide in Siena, where I live.
During my studies and my work I learned that everything is Art, which can vary from the most classical to the most mysterious one, from a gorgeous painting to a simple picture; it also hides behind every panoramic view, in the various colors of the sky, in the reflections of sunlight crashing on every single stone, in the buildings ready to tell their story, in the most precious museums, in the most beautiful squares of the world and in a simple, but delicious, dish of typical Tuscan cuisine.
It is no coincidence that Siena’s Province boasts four UNESCO World Heritage sites!
Exactly, Siena is a beautiful city which is located 70 km South of Florence.
An enchanted city where you breathe the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, it's closed in its walls  that protect a treasure to be discovered. I like to call it: "the red city in every way" because of it's political creed and the brick structures, made from a reddish clay easy to find in this area.
But everyone knows it as "the city of the Palio"; well, in fact, the horse race is its lifeblood that, every July 2 and August 16, aroues the hearts of each contradaiolo ( member of a Contrada ). Singing, drumming, flags fluttering, dinners and long chats have continuously been animating the city for immemorial centuries.
The Palio is a historical event that can't be explained, just lived and enjoyed!
But Siena is not only Palio, it is much more.  At each corner a piece of stone tells us a story, an event, a battle… Story that stars from Etruscan and Roman origins, mixing myth and reality, but  it saw the first light thanks to the Via Francigena, which was crossed by pilgrims, princes and merchants and it connected Rome to Northern Europe. Independent municipality for centuries, it lived its golden period between the end of XIII  and the first half of XIV, with the famous Government of the Nine. Welfare and peace reigned in the narrow streets of Siena, bringing prosperity and art to the city. The city's decay was caused by wars, economic crisis and pestilence, Siena was subjected to Florence, the historical enemy. A story that will mark his people forever, outlining a closed, strong and patriotic character.
The hasty tourist will never understand Siena and its province so vast and wonderful to be immortalized in the most beautiful postcards of the world. The Sienese countryside is the Tuscan heart, intact over the centuries, it can amaze and excite, bringing anyone to fall in love. The istinctive charm of the Sienese are its colors, hills, vineyards and olive groves, small villages and castles … not to forget the pleasures of the palate: the many culinary specialities.
A world that you will cherish at 360 degrees, which reveals all its subtle nuances only to more reckless and less hurried tourists.
You just have to hurry … take your camera with you and came with me to explore Siena and its Province.

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Demetra Fanetti

Guida Turistica di Siena e Provincia
tel. 0039 338 34 09 501