Bulgaria is known as a country of a charming nature, high mountains, long beaches, and a beautiful sea. Bulgarians are proud of their history and traditions. Although the Ottomans were trying to defeat the Bulgarian spirit, every person from the small country kept the traditions and the religion in their hearts and minds. If you ask any of the Bulgarians what's the most precious thing in the nation, he'd answer “It's our religion”. And you would be unable to disagree, seeing all of the ancient churches and monasteries. Today, almost every monastery is an attraction that should be seen. Some of the most famous religious buildings are the Monastery of St. Ivan Rilsky, Dryanovo Monastery, Preobrazhensky Monastery, Sokolski Monastery and Kilifarevo Monastery. Every one of these buildings is a part of the rich Bulgarian history. Now, we will show you the beautiful and unique Sokolovsky Monastery.

      The monastery is located 10 km. from the town of the humor, Gabrovo. Near the monastery is the village Charkovo. If you take a trip to that area, you could visit the ethnographic opened air museum, called “Etara”. Near to the monastery is the the Sokolovo cave. Now, back to the monastery's history. The building we know in our days isn't the same now as it was in the past. In 1833, Archimandrite Yossif Sokolski and Hieromonk Agapi came to that region and built a small church. The material they used was wood. Just a year later and that building was torn down. It was replaced with a new temple. It's well known, because it's the same monastery we know today. In 1836 a new school opened its doors in the monastery. That building became a famous educational center. The famous Neophyte Bozveli started to teach children about the rich Bulgarian families. During the Russian – Turkish War that spanned the two years of 1877 and 1878, the monastery was turned into a hospital for the Bulgarian and Russian military. It's an interesting fact that until 1959, that temple was only for monks. Today, the Sokolski monastery greets its guests with rooms and a shared bath on every floor. If they want, the guests could even get a room with a private bathroom. A small restaurant close to the temple offers traditional Bulgarian meals. The visitors have the opportunity to see some of its most famous icons –  “Holy Mother with the Son”and “Jesus Christ”. The monks will tell you that they were painted by the famous Bulgarian painter, Zahary Zograf. The temple is an example of the religious architecture in Bulgaria. In 1973, the monastery was officially declared a historical site.