Sulawesi, formerly Celebes, is a fourth biggest island in Indonesia and 11th in the world. It has natural beauty to offer whoever wants visit. There are 4 national parks on the land where naturalists or biologists and nature lovers can spend time to see endemic animals such as tarsiers, macaques, babi rusa, and endemic birds and so on. Other 4 national parks are marine national parks where divers and submarine lovers can be spoiled with amazing underwater world. The northern area, such as North Sulawesi is the only young volcanic regions. It means that volcano can only be found in North Sulawesi. Among 10 volcanoes in Sulawesi Island, 9 of it are in North Sulawesi Province. The people in the northern region are the ones well known very friendly and have open culture. They are known to be the smiling people, The Minahasan People. There is a tribe whose people live on the floating house, the Bajao or Bajo people. There is a tribe in the hearts of Sulawesi with amazing culture, it is in Tana Toraja.

Flowers Lane Vacation (FLV) spoils your holiday and excursion in a personalized experience. Others might have some regulation and limits in their services, we don’t. Our limit is simply our guests’ satisfaction.

The things we care about in our service are the safety and pleasure. We design various tour packages that reach everyone’s need and interest, and yet we are still open for suggestions. It’s simply because we believe everyone’s has unique ideas of traveling, and we want to make it happen beyond dreams.

Here is a glimpse of tour packages we offer. Snorkeling and Diving Experience in Bunaken National Park, Lembeh Strait, Togian Island and Wakatobi, Volcano expedition, Beach Camping Excursion, Minahasa Cultural Excursion, Tangkoko National Park Excursion to see tarsius, the smallest primate in the world, black crested macaques, cuscus, maloe birds whose egg is as big as an adult’s fist, Honeymoon in the island and many more.


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