One of those ‘must-visit’ cities around the globe, Sydney attracts visitors with the unique combination between the wonders of Nature and what people created to protect and emphasise them. The most populated city in Australia offers the tourists magnificent ocean beaches, fabulous national parks and the unique Australian subtropical climate that is perfect for outdoor events 24/7.

The first inhabitants, the Eora people (Aborigines), settled around Sydney’s harbour about 50 000 years ago. Then, about 200 years ago the white people arrived and started using the place as a prison for the convicts of the civilized world. The prisoners were followed by free people, who were keen on exploring and adventures and soon Sydney became a popular place for emigrants.

Nowadays, after more than two centuries, we see the unique city that the settlers and emigrants have created. It is a place of junction for various cultures, peoples and ideas. Sydney offers something to everyone – excitement and nightlife, sunlit beaches and green parks, or relaxation and calmness. Let’s go through the ten mine sites that should not be miss when visiting it.

  1. Sydney Opera House – this site is not only a famous opera where you can enjoy spectacular performances, but it is also the architectural icon of the city and its most popular attraction.
  2. Sydney Harbour Bridge – a grand and magnificent structure that still represent the engineering genius of its creators. In the days of the Great Depression the bridge was a tower of strength and a source of hope and joy for the inhabitants of the city.
  3. Sydney Harbour – located in the heart of the city, the harbour represent a wonderful sight with its untouched beaches, the busy docks and deep waters. It is considered the finest harbour in the world.
  4. The Rocks & Circular Quay – when the First Fleet with Governor Phillip in command arrived to begin the colonization, they built The Rocks and the Circular Quay. The Quay is Sydney’s nucleus and keeps the memory of past centuries and times, while The Rocks name comes from the place where the tents of the first prisoners were located – beneath the sandstone outcrops.
  5. Botanic Gardens & The Domain – the lovely belt of green in the eastern part of the city is where the Botanic Gardens – the most popular public spaces of Sydney – are located.
  6. Art Gallery of New South Wales – part of The Domain, here you will see some of the finest art works originating from Australia, as well as from various parts of the World.
  7. Darling Harbour & Chinatown – Darling Harbour is a sui generis extension of Sydney’s centre, and offers a great number of museums, tourist attractions, bars and cafes. Chinatown with its noise and local colour contrasts with the style and order of the sumptuous district.
  8. Powerhouse museum – here you will see a lot of extravagant items and stuff that will be enjoyed by both children and adults. It is definitely something different.
  9. Taronga Park Zoo – a destination that shouldn’t be omitted as it offers a gorgeous collection of exotic animals from Australia and the world.
  10. Bondi Beach – the most iconic beach of Australia. Although it may be a bit overcrowded, it has to be visited.

If your notion of a great vacation is to visit a city that will allow you to relax and rest by visiting numerous popular historic and cultural places and enjoy the pureness and beauty of Nature, Sidney surely is your destination!