Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to have some rest and forget about the everyday responsibilities is to spend time in the Nature. If you are in the west part of Bulgaria, you have the perfect opportunity to do so in the ‘Rila’ park. Located in the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula (and having its name), the park is one of the newest and the most modern place to rest actively in Bulgaria.
The ‘Rila’ park is only 2 km away from the picturesque town of Dupnitsa (65 km of Sofia). In the last few years Dupnitsa became one of the modern and really comfortable Bulgarian towns – it offers a way to get away from the noise and tension of the capital city and at the same time to remain at a distance that allows you to get to Sofia really fast. Dupnitsa is accessible by car and there are regular buses from Sofia and Plovdiv.
From Dupnitsa, you can easily reach the ‘Rila’ park on foot (the distance from the centre of the town is 1.5 km). You can also use the specifically built bikeway with a length of 200 m. Recently, the town of Dupnitsa was connected to the park with a special tourist train – an original and pleasurable way to reach it.
Once you get to the ‘Rila’ park, there are various activities you can undertake. The park is suitable for families with small children as it includes special facilities for them. There are two swimming pools – one with Olympic sizes and one for kids. Other sports facilities include playgrounds for football, basketball and volleyball, as well as tennis courts. There is also a place specifically designed for fitness lovers.
If you prefer more leisure activities, you can hire a boat or a pedalo and float over the beautiful lake or just take a walk by the sides of the beautiful river Bistritsa. There is also a zoo you can visit with your children (who can also enjoy themselves in the nice kid’s playground). In the ‘Rila’ park there are stages for cultural events like concerts, theatrical plays, etc., which are surely far more pleasurable if watched in the Nature.
It is good to know that the ‘Rila‘ park offers the opportunity to host various events like team building, family holidays or other gatherings as there are 10 shed for BBQ, each of them with room for 25 people. As for the cars and other transport, there is a parking area in front of the park, which allows the drivers to leave their cars outside and enjoy a car-free environment with clean air and without noise.
In a nutshell, the ‘Rila’ park, which was opened in year 2010 after bringing to a successful end a mutual project between Bulgaria and Serbia, is designed to allow people of all ages to find a pleasurable activities and ways to relax.  It is a proven way to have some fun time away from the everyday rat race.