Top 5 swimming Pools In Birmingham

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If royalty is what charms you  and pools have been your weakness, here is little something that would really interest you. Read on to know about the best 5 pools you MUST visit in Birmingham.

1.    Moseley Road Baths

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Moseley Road Baths, perhaps, owes its popularity to its antiquity. It was built in 1907 though it looks so contemporary and trendy. The gothic renaissance and architectural marvel displays frontage of red brick and terracotta. The spectator gallery is a three-sided place par excellence to relax and ruminate. For fancy lovers, there are steam-heated drying racks in the laundry room in the first floor. The storage tank can hold 45,000 gallons of water. The smaller pool is the only one in operation now, the other two namely slipper and Gala having been closed down for repairs. Renovation work and restoration are to be taken up earnestly with the help of sponsors soon.

 2. Harborne Pool and Fitness Centre

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This pool used to be a sort of run-down place a while back, but it is now a proud place with the New Centre. The high-glass ceiling looks as if they are miles high into the sky! The victoria pool is a peaceful place for anyone to swim. The changing rooms neatly line the pool. The other related activities can rejuvenate one. There is a gym on the second floor which could complement your swimming. Enthusiasts of gym exercises can indulge in both the pool and the gym.

3.    Tiverton Pool & Fitness Centre

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This old swimming pool displays an old-school charm that can make you fascinated enough to linger long hours here. There are two pools in the facility. Children can have their exclusive pool and adults can do some serious swimming without worrying about kids getting in their way. The length of the adult pool is around 25 meters and you may plunge in for a dozen lengths or so. Though they have not modernized it much, it is a place for a peaceful swim and relaxation. The fitness Centre in the premises is a good addition for those who are health-conscious.

4.    Stechford Cascades & Fitness Centre

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This is strictly a water pool. The water slide will more than charm the youngsters and the adults alike. The waterfall is fit enough to stand and watch for a while. The Jacuzzi is so much enjoyable that you would not want to move over. As is to be expected, the local children make a beeline to the pool during week-ends but it is hardly a distraction. For, they are usually at the cascades most of the time. Changing facilities are decent enough. The accompanying gym is functional without being too high-tech.  One advantage is the transport to and fro. Parking is available; bus stop and train station are within easy reach.

5.    Kingstanding Leisure Centre

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This is a very popular leisure Centre in Birmingham. The pool here is a large one. The waves make you feel you are in the middle of ocean, braving the waves. The slides are most enjoyed by children but not to the exclusivity of adults.  Swimming is not a stand-alone activity in this place. The toning suite and fitness Centre are well worth a visit and made use of.  While you are at it, you might enroll for a course in National Pool Lifeguard course as well.

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