The most famous Vеliko Tаrnovo's Hill, Tsаrevets, had been inhabited thousands of years ago. His history starts as early as the Iron age. The first villages even goes back in 4200 B.C. The native people were called Thrаcians. Vеliko Tаrnovo was officially proclaimed as a capital of Second Bulgarian kingdom in 1187, and the already build stronghold Tsаrevets has become its main residence. For more than 200 years nobody was capable to take possession of it. The town and, in particular, the fortress was a center of political, economic and cultural life of Bulgaria. Tsаrevets has three entrances – in North, West and East. There is a very significant cape rock in the North part of it. Traitors of motherland had been thrown over it above the river. Years later a monastery has been built on the very same place. In Middle Ages in Tsаrevets erected varies of different buildings – King's palace, Patriarchate, four monasteries and more than 22 churches, residential and commercial houses. Entrances and buildings were associated together with a street system. There were and many little squares all over it. But it was a place for the common members of the state,  too. They lived there as servants and workers. This place attracts many tourists all around the world. It has its great history moments to be remembered. Vеliko Tаrnovo's City Hall has the obligation to keep this sight of the town in good repair. Native citizens and foreigners enjoy the amazing light show Sound and Light. It recalls one of the most hard times in Bulgarian history. The country was under the rule of Turkey for 500 years. If you have decided to go on a holiday somewhere, this is your chance to have a lovely time among the ancient stones and buildings. You also can buy  nice different souvenirs and take them at home for your family.