As Bulgaria is a country with a strong wine-producing tradition, you can encounter various wineries in all of its regions. In fact, in order to perceive the attitude of the Bulgarian people towards the wine, we must say that almost all of the people who have a certain portion of land, grow their vineyard and produce wine.

There is one Bulgarian town, however, that is well-known all over the world with its wine. The mine occupation of the citizens of the smallest Bulgarian town – Melnik – is the production of wine. The good news is that another thing the people of Melnik are good at is hospitality, so you can visit the town any time you want, stay at one of the superb hotels or hostels and enjoy the unique wine.

One of the wineries worth visiting in the town is Villa Melnik, active since the spring of year 2004, but following the old wine-producing traditions in the region. The specialists from Villa Melnik know that the region offers the best conditions for wine production in Bulgaria due to its favourable climate, soils and terroir. The first wines of Vila Melnik became a fact in year 2007 with the brand name BERGULÈ. The final touch on the wines was brought by the barrels they were aging in, made from genuine Bulgarian oak.

Villa Melnik operates with two vineyards. The first of them is located at a distance of about 5 km south from Melnik, in the so-called area MINDALO. The size of this vineyard is 20 ha and it is situated on the hills located near the left bank of the picturesque river Melnishka (meaning ‘of Melnik’). The other vineyard of Villa Melnik is near the first one, actually at about a distance of 1 km. It is in the location Beli Breg near the village of Haskovo – a well-known wine-producing location.

Vila Melnik produces wine from the following vine types: Mavrud (a well-known Bulgarian vine used back in the time of the Thracians), Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Early Melnik Vine (aka Melnik 55), Broad Leaved Melnik Vine, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese and Rouen. Since year 2009 Villa Melnik cooperates with the ‘Sintica’ winery – together they released on the wine market the brands VILA MELNIK SELECTED, FAMILY SELECTION, MELENIK, MELENIK FROM SELECTED GRAPES, MELNIK LEGEND and TAMIANKA, as well as the award-winning brand AplauZ, brought to Villa Melnik 2 gold and 2 bronze medals at the international wine competition VINARIA 2010 in Plovdiv. Currently Villa Melnik builds its own winery with the capacity of 250 tons of grapes, which will be located in Beli Breg and will be used for the production of high-quality wines.

Visiting Villa Melnik will give you the opportunity not only to purchase some of the collectors’ editions of their wine, but also to take part in the various wine tour and tasting activities. The range of activities varies from a welcome drink and a tour to a tour and tasting of up to 6 wines. Another activity gives you the opportunity to walk around the vineyards and to become acquainted with the various vine types grown there. Of course, you can ask for a tour and walk designed specifically for you, in which case the staff of Villa Melnik will be delighted to cooperate.

In order to reach Melnik, you can take a bus from Sofia or from the nearest big town – Sandanski. These buses depart at a daily basis. Another way to reach Villa Melnik is by car – the time you will need to go from Sofia to Melnik is about three hours. Make sure to contact the Villa beforehand and to notify them of your arrival in order to receive the best services available.