If you like to visit new places, rich with unique flora and fauna, than Australia should be your next destination. The continent of Australia is filled with stunning landscapes, national parks, and areas which show us important parts of World History. The ancient rain forests are waiting for you to explore them. The modern cities of Australia will provide you everything you need; tasty food, fun, education, and of course comfortable places for spending the evening. We'll try to introduce you some of the most famous places in Australia.

     We are starting our list with Ningaloo Reef & Shark Bay. That area is in Western Australia. That is the place where you can swim with the giant, but friendly, whale sharks. If you're curious to know, that is the largest fish in the whole world. The whale sharks don't spend the whole year in that reef. Usually, they arrive in the beginning of March. They feed near the coral reefs. In the waters of Shark Bay, you will also meet turtles, humpback whales, and of course lovely dolphins. If you are a more relaxed person, than you'd enjoy your day laying on the beach, watching the games of the dolphins. The next famous place in Australia to visit is the Kakadu National park. It spreads its borders on the northern parts of the Australian territory. That park is known as the biggest national park in Australia. The territory is separated into 7 different regions. It's interesting that the season is different in every region. As you can imagine, that place shows us many different species of birds. The Kakadu National Park is the best place if you want to see thousands of migratory birds. The waters of the river are so clean, you can see your reflection in. If you want to swim under waterfalls, you'll need to be careful. The river is full of salt water crocodiles. For everyone who enjoys fishing, that place is a paradise, as that park is the best place for fishing. What's the first thing you think of when you hear about Australia? Is it the kangaroo? That animal is one of the symbols of the continent. The third largest island of Australia is named Kangaroo Island. It's located only 15 kilometers off of the southern territory of Australia. That island is another National Park. If you want to relax and have some fun, then you should visit the Vivonne Bay. That place will offer you the choices of fishing, surfing or snorkeling. The waters hide sea – dragons and many playful dolphins. Australia will surprise  you with its high mountains and unique wildlife, including the duckbilled platypus, an animal found no where else in the world. Did we mention the penguins in the Philip Island Nature Park? Where else would you meet such a lovely and rich nature? Australia has a lot to see and do.