Southline Maldives Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2008. A truly Maldivian travel company operated in Maldives, we provide unparallel travel and tourism  services to our tourists and partners. Our aim is to provide best possible services to you with our knowledge  and expertise. A dedicated team of travel  and tourism professionals, we have worked extensively in the sector and extend our local know – how to all requirements.

What we do

We make  tailor made holiday itinerary along with corresponding  sea  and air transportation , travel arrangements, both inbound and outbound. We know Maldives travel  and tourism industry and that is what we are good at. Should you require any information and your stay in Maldives? Our well – established relationship with industry stakeholders and local know – how assure that your dream holiday come true.

Our corporate policy

Be respectful  and conscious. Use of our resources should be balanced between sustainability  and profit. Yet, it is our genuine commitment to fulfill your travel   and holiday needs, of course responsibly.

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