UnzipRomania Travel is a Romanian tour company with offices in Bucharest.
We organize tours throughout Romania: coach tours and also personalized, tailor-made and private tours. We offer several types of holidays: historical and cultural, Halloween in Transylvania, Dracula tours, team-buildings and adventure, senior tours, spa and sea escapes, short tours and day tours.
We have experienced tour guides, professional drivers and comfortable vehicles.
All our tour guides have a licence and a lot of excellent reviews and they all strive to offer the best memories and an authentic Romanian experience regardless of the amount of time you are spending in Romania.
We always try to be flexible, on a private tour you can stop anywhere on the road for photos, we also recommend the best restaurants and dishes at each location and there is no charge for extra time. If you want to spend an hour or two extra in a location you will be able to.
We usually treat tourists as friends to whom we are showing our amazing home country and not as customers. Tourists can ask any questions and talk about any subject, related and not related to the tour. We don’t just quote the general speech from the book (historical dates and events), we tell the true story behind each legend.

Contact details:
Website: www.unzipromania.com & www.dracula-tours.com
Email: office@unzipromania.com
Telephone: 0040 734 546 183
Skype: office.unzipromania