Vip watching in Tuscany  

Tuscany is a very fashionable region for travelling and for living. Many famous actors, singers or simply entrepreneurs chose Tuscany as their favourite location to buy a vacation villa, to take up a new activity in wine or hospitality, to meditate and relax.

Among the most popular Sting’s Il Palagio 16th Century Tuscan Villa. Set amongst the Tuscan near Florence, this villa is not only the Sumner family’s holiday home but also operates as a retreat and organic farm producing wine, olive oil, honey.


Richard Gere spent his meditation holidays a the breath taking Tibetan monastery in Pomaia,  a small medieval town surrounded by the green hills near Pisa. He has also launched his first fine label of Brunello di Montalcino buying the San Filippo Estate.

Not to mention Elton John fond of Florentine t-bone steaks, Paris Hilton visiting her friend and fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, Daniel Day Lewis struck by the art of shoe making in Florence and Paul McCartney mad for gelato….

Of course, it will not be easy to bump into celebrities walking around Tuscany or quietly relaxing in their villas…therefore, you might be interested in knowing the top Vip watching sites in Tuscany. Just take a comfy seat at a central cafè, sip your fresh lemonade and wait….

 Versilia – Forte dei Marmi

Small town on Northern Tuscany coast, in the region called Versilia. It is very famous for its glamorous boutiques, fancy shops and Michelin starred-restaurants such as Lorenzo, Bistrot and Hotel Byron’s Magnolia. Beach resorts are providing tip quality services and luxury ambient on the white sandy beaches lapped by the Tyrrhenian sea, such as Twiga Beach owned by Flavio Briatore. This is the favorite destination for Italian and foreign football players, fashion designers, TV celebrities.

  Argentario and Capalbio


Argentario peninsula is located in Southern Tuscany coast, near Grosseto. This very charming and pristine environment is dotted by a few small sea towns and harbours. One of these towns, Capalbio, is a an ancient medieval borough surrounded by walls and topped by the castle tower.

Around the narrow maze of  alleys and small avenues, you will be able to meet popular politicians, writers, actors and journalists…

Fiesole hills – Florence

If you are interested in spotting some noble descendant or statesman, take a walk on the hills of Fiesole in Florence. Most of its noble villas are now overseas or European headquarters for some of the most prestigious universities and institutes, such as:

Villa Le Balze, donated by the Marquesa Margaret Rockefeller de Larrain, granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller to Georgetown University;

Badia Fiesolana and many surrounding villas used as museums and historical archives, is European University Institute main hub.

Also Fiesole has been the perfect venue for destination wedding of many celebrities over the years…getting marries in the stunning garden and villas where “A room with a view” was shot.


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