Having a pool in your backyard has become commonplace in America. It’s an outlet to cool off in the hot temperatures of summer, and a happening venue for family get-togethers and parties. While homeowners do sometimes go to the extreme with the designs of their swimming pools, they probably haven’t even imagined the possibilities that some have taken on the structure and esthetics of their planted bodies of water.

The possibilities of architectural design are endless, and the designers of these wondrous swimming pools have taken the basic structures of indoor and outdoor pools one step further in uniqueness and functionality. Check out these four spectacular pools in the United States and in countries across the world.

Here we look at some of the world’s most extravagant swimming pools, some resembling seas, oceans and other bodies of water with infinite boundaries.

Reading By the Pool

Think libraries are just filled with books and computers? Then you haven’t been to the institution in Koh Samui, Thailand. Lining the Chaweng Sea, the water in this library’s pool is blood red. It’s just an illusion however – a reflection off the orange, yellow and red tiles lining the pool. To go along with the color scheme, red mattresses with matching red umbrellas border the far the end of this swimming pool wonder.

Lighting the Way

The pool at Huvafen Fushi, Maldives is a definite light show come dusk. It’s one of the largest in Maldives, and the very first to use fiber optics in its design. More than a thousand lights shone through the water of this swimming pool delight and even includes a saltwater flotation pool. This venue has been the spot of many high-end events like fashion shows.

 Swimming on the Rooftop

Our third most spectacular swimming pools brings us to the United States, in Los Angeles, California. The Standard hotel is home to a pool on the roof of the building’s 12th story. It gives swimmers and those relaxing in the waters a glorious view of Los Angeles. If the view isn’t enough, you can watch a movie projected on a large screen near the pool. Once night hits, this unique attraction becomes an entertainment place for drinking, dancing and socializing near a fireplace.

Every Pool has a Gold Lining

Well that’s certainly not true in most cases, unless you are a visitor of the St. Regis in Lhasa, Tibet. This gold-plated swimming pool in The Iridium Room of the resort. If relaxing in this ritzy pool still leaves you with a bit of tension, try clearing your mind in a meditation garden nearby.

 Swim Every Mountain

While swimming in a body of water never snow-capped mountains doesn’t seem very relaxing, The Cambrian hotel in the Swiss Alps has found a way to make it so.  On the property is an outdoor pool – heated of course – with a wonderful view of the snowy land and mountains. This spectacular pools also includes a bubbling massage bed and muscle-relaxing jets.


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Photo by Steve Slater / Flickr