Norway is known as a beautiful and pristine country, and within the country many locals feel that Bergen is both beautiful and pristine. It is the second largest city in the country, next to Oslo, but it is the number one stop for many travelers for many reasons. The first of these reasons is the sheer beauty of the surrounding land. Situated between many different mountains, Bergen gives a fantastic view of nature. And while many people guess that Norway is a cold place, they would be wrong about Bergen. Due to its location on the western part of the country and its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean it is actually quite warm during most of the year. Of course, its proximity to the ocean is another reason for its popularity. This is seen in the fact that it is the port of call for more cruise ships than any other city in Norway. These cruise vessels bring many tourists to not only the wonderful destinations nearby, but around the world. As for the local destinations, the city itself is known as the gateway city to the fjords. These magnificent natural structures have been a great tourist attraction for many years and they still bring many visitors to this day. Another reason why Bergen is such a popular tourist destination is its great mall. Lagunen Storsenter is one of the largest shopping centers in all of Norway and it draws more than five million visitors every year. There is more to this city than just its mall and natural beauty however. It is also very well known due to the great musical attractions it has. Greig Hall for example, has a great pull due to the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. This orchestra has been producing its wonderful music since the year 1765, and is therefore world renowned. There are also an assortment of music and film festivals held in Bergen every year. As you can see, Bergen has something for everyone to enjoy. From music lovers to sight seers, from shoppers to aquaculture specialists, there is something for everyone to enjoy.