Craiova is the 6th largest city in Romania and the capital of the Dolj County. Craiova is a political longstanding center. It is in the middle between the Danube river and the Southern Carpathians. The city is situated in central Oltenia and is the most important city there. There are around 280 000 inhabitants in Craiova.
The city was burned in 1802 during a Turkish assault. There was also an earthquake in 1790. Nowadays, despite those things it is a prosperous city with a large number of people living there.
Craiova administrate eight villages: Mofleni, Simnicu de Jos, Rovine, Făcăi, Izvoru Rece, Popoveni, Cernelele de Sus and Cernele. Until 1996 four of them were a commune and then were merged.
That beautiful city offers many restaurants, hotels and cafes. The sights in the city are uncountable – the Art Museum, the Botanical garden and many others.
In 1759 the first school in the city was founded. Nowadays there are many schools and two universities in Craiova. One of them is a medical university.
The taxis in the city are very cheap. The public transport is now a well-developed system. The city also has an airport.
The climate in Craiova is continental. The highest temperatures are usually in July and are around 30 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperatures are usually in January and are around -3 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t get neither too hot, nor too cold.
Craiova is a popular tourist attraction due to the beauty of the city. Many tourists visit it, shop from the many shopping centers and enjoy the prosperous city. Hurry up and organize your vacation in Craiova. You will be amazed by how many things you can do there and how many landmarks you can visit. Enjoy your trip!