In the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains, 15 km from Mezdra town is situated the beautiful Bulgarian village Tipchenitsa.
In 1899 there was established a community center, which started collecting wonderful museum expositions.
The ethnographic collection is situated in several rooms and depicts the lifestyle of the Bulgarians in the past.
Near the entrance is located wooden handloom.  most things in the exhibition are weaved On it .
There is exposed a vine, barrels and other things associated with the vine cultivation  and wine production. Vine cultivation and wine production has been main livelihood of villagers.
In the first room (in Bulgarian – SOBA) are exposed basic clothes from the village and the various attributes associated with old Bulgarian traditions as engagements and weddings.
In the other room is shown manner of life in the past. There are exhibited fireplace, table (in Bulgarian – SINIA) and small three-legged chairs, cutlery, wooden device for butter production, wooden bed for rest (in Bulgarian – Minder) and many others.
In the hall is arranged everything necessary for the villagers in the past. There you can see: scythe, sickle a plow and more.
Exposure is not great, but it shows a lifestyle of Bulgarian villager in the past.