Krushuna Falls is a waterfall in the northern parts of Bulgaria, near the village Krushuna. The waterfall is located 34 km from Lovech city. The Krushuna Falls is famous for being picturesque. There is a path which leads to a cave from where the waterfall rises.
There has been build an eco-path, especially for the large number of tourists. While you are walking on this path you will have the opportunity to observe spectacular views of the crystal clear water, the magnificent waterfall and the fresh vegetation in the environment.
The first impression that a person can feel is that the place is like a movie about an exotic island. The cold running water brings adventure and the streamlets which are created from the clear water of the river make you feel calmness and comfort.
The main waterfall drops from a height of 20 metres. The air near the waterfall is watery and full of water drops. The terrain is completely impassable.
In the area there are two smaller waterfalls and the one is Malkata Maara. In closeness there are several caves such as Urushka Maara, Gornik and the cave Devetashka.
You can reach the waterfall quite easily if you follow the path from the village Krushuna. There is a special place built for parking. The path which is specified for going to the waterfall itself is full of bridges which are perfect for tourists to watch the natural beauty of Bulgaria.
During the centuries, this place was meant to be a cloister for monks-hesychast and the cells are evidence for that.
The Krushuna falls is thought to be the tallest travertine in whole Bulgaria. So, if you are planning ever to go there, this would be the ideal opportunity to see the true beauty of the environment of Bulgaria.