Nish (also Nissa or Niš) is a city in South Serbia. It is the largest city in the South part of Serbia and the third largest city in the country. There are 200 000 people living in the city. The total amount of the inhabitants in the city and in the villages around it is more than 700 000 people.

It has been considered as a gateway between the West and the East for a long time now. It is actually the oldest city in Europe and in the Balkans, too. It is also a really important industrial center in Serbia. It is the center of the mechanical engineering industry, the electronics industry, the tobacco and textile industry.

The city is divided into municipalities. There are five municipalities in Niš – Medijana, Crveni Krst, Pantelej, Niška Banja, Palilula. They have further neighborhoods.

The Nišava River flows right through the city and that’s why the city is called like that.

The central part of the city, the major city square is around 194 meters above the sea level. The lowest point of the town is at Trupale and is 173 meters. The highest spot is ,,Sokolov kamen’’ – a rock on the Suva Planina or Dry Mountain. It is 1 523 meters.

The city is home to many sport clubs. Also, the National Theatre of Niš is situated there.

All in all, Niš is a really important city in Serbia not only because it is the biggest city in South Serbia, but also because it is the oldest city in the Balkans and even in Europe and that makes it a really popular tourist destination. Thousands of people come in Niš every year to see that beautiful town. The beauty of that city is magical and you will definitely like it.

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