Nourland, a new online travel website, has been launched from Spain with a strong global and revolutionary character. As a proof of their intentions, Nourland’s founders have taken a special interest in delivering it not only in English and Spanish, but also in Esperanto.
The most important innovation proposed by Nourland comes from the fact that this is the first online travel website acting from the consumer’s point of view. This is achieved by matching petitioners (travelers) with bidders (travel agencies, airlines and hotel chains), with the aim of satisfying their mutual needs.
Nourland encourages travelers to make a wish (#makeyourwish). This means offering them the possibility of choosing their destination and setting the price they are willing to pay. Then, travel agencies, airlines, etc., will be able to either accept that price or try to reach an agreement. Thanks to this approach – and this is also another of Nourland’s innovations – travelers will not have to search, they only need to define their trip and budget, and then wait for bidders to contact them. Just as simple as that.
Moreover, Nourland allows travelers to “join a trip”, which means joining a travel request made by another user. As an example, if previously someone has indicated that they want to fly from Brussels to Helsinki for 200 euros, another user will be able to join this request at the same price, increasing the global value of the demand and therefore making it more appealing (by volume) to bidders.
Nourland is a totally free platform, offering service companies a “travel market” made up of thousands of potential clients’ (travelers) and their travel requests. Whether they reach an agreement or they do not, will be completely up to them (petitioners and bidders), since Nourland does not participate in the negotiation process. You only need to register and start traveling!!