Bulgaria is a country of ancient history and traditions. Historians say that there is a piece of history in every little rock. In our days, the country reveals  its majesty and beauty by rich museum‘s exhibitions. Main centres of culture and traditions are the monasteries.

             One of the greatest Bulgarian monasteries is the Rozhen monastery. The building is located in the region of the Pirin Mountain. The monastery is close to Melnik – the smallest town in Bulgaria. Only 1 km. is separating the temple from the village of Rozhen. Every year, many tourists from Greece visit that place. The monastery is 16 km. away from Sandanski. The history ot the temple is related to the Greek history. According to the historians, the name of the museum was found for first time in a Greek historian book from XIII century. Unfortunately, there is no date of establishment of the building. Bulgarian History tells us that at this time, the region of Melnik was ruled by the nephew of king Kalojan, Slav. Many historians think that the king‘s nephew ordered the building of the monastery. An interesting fact about the temple tells us that it was the only one restored monastery during the time of the Ottoman‘s presence on the Balkans. The holy building had the chance to survive during the centuries. In XVIII and XIX century, the monastery was a famous centre of  Bulgarian rebels. Today, the building is proud to introduce the visitors its unique frescoes and carved iconostases. The woodcarvings and the stained glass bring international fame to the monastery.  One of the facts that makes the building so famous and unique is about the monastery‘s building. All of them were built in different periods of time. The most important  of them are XVI, XVII and XIX century. The monastery‘s dining room was finished in XVI century. In the end of XVII century, a part of the wall‘s decoration was ready. After all, in XIX century, the monastery got a church tower.

       If you decide to take a trip to Rozhen monastery, you need to know, the place doesn‘t offer rooms or food for visitors. However, the town Melnik will meet you with it‘s charming nature and friendly people.