In the summer of 1014 Byzantine emperor Basil II at the head of a big army advanced into the Kluch gorge. The Byzantine efforts of breaking  the Bulgarian defence wasted under the tenacious resistance of the defenders. When it had become clear that a break-through had been impossible, some of the Byzantine forces led by Nickiffor Xiffius turned back whet around Belasitza Mountain arrid attacked the Bulgarians in the rear.

Taken completely aback the Bulgarians were defeated on July 29,1014. Forteen thousand Bulgarian soldiers! were taken under captivity. Heading westward Basil II engaged in a last decisive battle with the Bulgarian leader – Tsar Samouil. Samouil's son, Gavril Radomir killed the emperor's closest friend and the best army commander – Theophilat Wotaniat. It is the murder of his bosom friend that arrived at Basil II final atrocious decision. The emperor ordered 'that 14 000 Bulgarian soldiers be blinded immediately. He left one-eyed man to every one hundred soldiers to lead the rest to the tsar. Because of his ferocity, Basil II became known to our history as "Bulgardctonus" (slayer of the Bulgarians).

To glorify the historic events of 1014 and in the memory of tsar Samouil and the killed and blinjded Bulgarian soldiers, at a mass rally on October

23, 1982 is open a National Park – Museum "SAMOUlL'S FORTRESS" Impressive monument of Tsar Samouil and his blinded soldiers, a small museum and a fortress wall with a monument, as well as the conseryed and exhibited sectors of the early Bulgarian settlement, will tell the story of the heroic struggle of Tsar Samouil for the preservation of the Bulgarian nation.