The Church st. Nicholas is situated in Dolna Kremena village. The village is a part of Mezdra minicipality. Dolna Kremena is a few kilometers long from Mezdra. The Church st. Nicholas consists of two parts built at different times. The old part was built in the 14th century during the reign of Tsar Ivan Shishman and the new part is presumed that it was built in 1812. Stone inscription over the door of the church shows us that date. In the church are located onе оf the most – interesting painted icons of St. Nicholas from the 17th century and the Virgin Mary of the late 18th century.
In 1872 The great revolutionary – Vasil Levski founded the local revolutionary committee in this church.
Parts of the altar of the Church st. Nicholas is kept in the church museum in Vratsa. The Church is acting until the construction of the new church in the village of Dolna Kremena in 1935.