Try Making a Splash In the World’s Largest Pool

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Yeah, sounds like something worth a try! But technically, how are you going to make that splash? I’d understand if you were trying to splash water in a bath tub. Or a certain King Kong could make a splash in an olympic size pool may be? But how can possibly someone make a noteworthy splash in a pool that stretched to a kilometer? Try if you must! Internationally, a lap of a swimming pool is of about 50 meters. So, technically speaking you’d have to do 20 laps’ worth of swimming to complete one lap of THIS gigantic pool.

Gigantic Proportions

No less than the definitive Guinness Book of world Records has in its printed pages, the name of the resort San Alfonso Del Mar at Algarrobo and its prized the possession, the largest swimming pool of the world. 62 miles away from Santiago, the capital of Chile, the pool is 1 km long and covers an area of 20 acres(8 ha). It has 66,000,000 U S gallons of water in it at any given time. It is 115 ft (35m) deep at its maximum depth. Compare this with a small container ship’s need to have only about 28 ft (8.5m) draft and you know the enormity of the pool. Pacific Ocean services its water requirement. The cost? From $1.5 to $2 billion!  Maintenance itself costs $4 million per annum.

Since it opened in 2006, millions of gleeful tourists and locals have plunged into the pool to gaze deep into the deepest end and see the bottom clearly through the turquoise waters in the pool.  Just to give you an idea of its oceanic proportions, the next biggest pool in the world, the Orthlieb in Morocco, is merely 150 yards x 100 yards. A puddle in comparison?

Swimming is only one of the activities that you can enjoy here. You may while away your time lying on the water. You may try rowing or even sailing in small dinghies and other small boats.  Never should you forget to take your kids along.

State-of Art Technology

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Computers control the suction of the sea-water from one end to filter it and flush it out at the other end. This is a 24-hour operation which makes sure that the water is always clean. The surface area may be very large but it is still small enough for the sun to make the pool water warmer. The water in the pool is 26 degrees which is 9 degrees more than the sea from where the water is drawn.

The Builder as the Spoiler

You may like to stay overawed by the magnitude of the pool but a spoiler comes along in the guise of the designer of the pool himself! He is Fernando Fischmann, the biochemist from Chile and he emphasizes he had not done anything extra-ordinary. He assures us that he could do it again even in inhospitable places. If you can provide him a sea-side, he could build one anywhere.

Other awestricking waterbodies that you may want to read about would be the largest alpine lake of the world called the lake Tahoe. Its saline nature and location at an elevation are its key point to note.

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