The beach is located in the southern coastal belt, 10km away from Colombo, Sri Lankan capital. Its golden sand and warm climate makes it a major hot-spot for tourists. Mount Lavinia is the closest beach to Colombo. The beach is exclusively clean which makes it attract more visitors. If you are planning for a visit to Sri Lanka, Mount Lavinia beach should be on the top of your list. The beach offers great warmth and exceptional comfort which leaves a memorable experience in your visit.

Lavinia Beach 1

Things to do

-There is no way to get bored during your visit to this beautiful beach. If you love having fun, the beach offers a lot of outdoor activities such that you will be spoilt for a choice. The beach offers pristine waters which are great for a good swim. The evening strolls are great with the cool breeze and the fresh air which offers great relaxation.

-Water sporting activities will add pleasure to the whole beach experience. Diving is one of the popular activities which attract visitors in large numbers. If you’ve never dived before,the Colombo divers will be more than willing to train you. Additionally, you get the opportunity to ski and surf in the beautiful waters. Beach ball games like volleyball and tennis are in plenty.

-Get the best sightseeing experience if you are a nature and animal lover. Book with the local tour agencies if you want to see some of the most rare and interesting animals in the world.
Where to Stay & what to Eat

-If you are looking for an affordable and luxurious hotel, there are a good number of them which offer exclusive services. Ravinia Beach Resort is located about 8 km away from Colombo and is famous for its beautiful beach. It offers the best luxury accommodation at low prices. The 30 rooms are clean and adequately equipped and can accommodate 100 people at once.

-The hotel offers a variety of foods both local and international menus. The local food is mostly popular with the guests.
-Palm Beach Hotel offers luxury and comfort at an affordable price. Its located in the residential area but is only a few minutes’ walk to the beach. The rooms are large and very clean with beautiful furniture. They also offer great food including local and international menus. Other hotels include Ivory Inn,Tropical Inn Hotel, Mount Lodge, Royce Hotel and many others. The best thing you can do is make the bookings early enough especially during the holiday seasons as they are usually crowded.
Where to shop

-There are many shops offering cheap deals around the beach.Buy jewellery and clothes at affordable prices in the beach shops.The market offers a wide variety of beautiful products such as hand-made baskets and jewellery,clothes bags e.t.c.Enjoy the wonderful discounts offered with each product you buy.
Sri Lanka is a major tourist destination in the world and it’s never disappointing. The beach beach experience in Dehiwala Mount Lavinia is one unforgettable experience. You get to enjoy the Sri Lankan culture as the place is always holding fun festivals and wonderful activities. The residents are also very welcoming. For a better experience in this amazing place, Sri Lanka Visas are a must have for all tourists who want to explore the area. The best way to make your travel experience more enjoyable is by applying for one.