Since 1988, the Zeus of Rhodes S.A. travel organization has offered the most innovative, unique and exciting tours, cruises and island packages for the entertainment and convenience of visitors. With our specialist knowledge and expertise, we also provide (apart the above – mentioned services) Incentives and Conference Facilities for Groups. Our offices in Rhodes, Kos, Samos, Zakynthos and Halkidiki provide us with a strong, competitive buying power that enables us to offer excellent value for money through the provision of complete holiday packages at economical rates.
Known also as ‘’the Island of Roses’’, Rhodes is a major international tourist destination. Its capital, Rhodes City (known also as ‘’the City
of the Knights’’) is interesting for its unique combination of lively present-day, modern life with a rich historical past and associated archaeological treasures. The Medieval City, built in the impressive wall-castle, is characterized by its imposing 15th century buildings, paved narrow streets with arches lined on each side with small shops which fascinate and delight the visitors.
The Palace of the Knights, which is also a fortress, dominates the top of the famous Road of Knights, while Christian and Moslem monuments
constitute examples of the city’s history over many centuries.
Outside the ancient walled town is the modern city where visitors are welcomed by two large copper statues of deer at Mandraki Harbour.
This is the probable site of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World.
The Acropolis of the ancient city of Rhodes is located on the Eastern side of Monte Smith hill from where the visitor has the opportunity
to enjoy seeing the city of Rhodes from one side and the splendid view of the western coastal side from the other.

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